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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Games, Drive and Motivation

Hi all. Mostly theory in this post. I wanted to get some thoughts down about the model of motivation that’s starting to crystallize in my mind. It’s partly shaped by my PhD research, and partly by recent reading I’ve been doing in the psychology of work motivation. The theory might well generate many practical principles […]

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Goal Setting and Your Happiness Balance Sheet

A few days ago I published the post: How Lofty Should Your Goals Be?, and I argued that you shouldn’t let the size of your goals exceed your ability to reach those goals. I want to reinforce that point here with some additional considerations. Tony vs. Buddha In his book Status Anxiety, Alain de Botton […]

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Expectancy and Procrastination

What motivates us to work toward complex goals? And why does that motivation fall short at times? Piers Steele gives one of my favorite answers. Steele’s Procrastination Equation Steele says motivation is a matter of a simple equation: Motivation = (Value X Expectancy)/(Delay X Impulsiveness) Stick with me if you’re a bit math phobic. This […]

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How Lofty Should Your Goals Be?

Imagine flying in your own private jet to your own private island for a party with 500 friends and fans. You can easily afford this extravagance, because you’ve made 5 billion dollars recently with your own hard work. Really imagine this. Take the first person perspective, and be there. Take in the sights and sounds. […]

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