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7 Laws of Impatience (mp3 version)

You can download the audio version of: “The 7 Laws of Impatience” from this page. Think of it this way. I’m offering to get loaded on your mp3 player of choice, and tag along with you while you exercise or drive around. I’ll read to you whenever you want me to, and I’ll shut my […]

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Understanding Multitasking

Y ou’ve been told that multitasking is a bad idea. Articles and essays appear every day telling you why multitasking is dangerous, makes things take longer, tires out your brain, reduces the quality of your work, and lowers your IQ. And, for the most part, these warnings are all based on good research. 1, 2 […]

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Have You Accidentally Sabotaged Your Motivation to Work?

“How can I motivate myself to work?” I’ve asked myself that question many times in my life. It’s funny, though. Here are some questions I’ve never asked: How can I motivate myself to eat pizza? How can I motivate myself to talk with an attractive woman? How can I motivate myself to get out of […]

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The Clear Mind and the Box in the Garage

In this post we looked at a procedure for getting a clear mind, and I emphasized the need to get absolutely everything out of your mind, and onto a piece of paper, so you can sort those items into three lists: “delete”, “to be done”, and “maybe later”. In this post I want to highlight […]

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5 Steps to a Clear Mind

Have you ever tried working on a project only to find thoughts from all the other areas of your life intruding in your mind, making it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand? This kind of distracted state can be debilitating. It might be a sign you have ADD and could benefit from any […]

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Could You Use a Productivity “Tune Up?”

Start the new year running on all cylinders. I magine a world where everyone is driven to create things and share their creations with others. Some work on projects alone, and some work on larger projects with others. In this world everyone is free to work on projects that allow them to learn new skills, […]

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Willpower and Game Theory

This blog is about creative productivity. And this post is about willpower. Willpower is important for productivity, because sometimes we will want to work while being tempted not to. In this article I explore George Ainslie’s fascinating theory of temptation and willpower — or something like it.1 If you read this essay it will probably […]

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To Flow, Or Not To Flow?

Cal Newport is not a big fan of “flow” Cal Newport, author of books such as “How to be a High School Superstar” (which has my 14 year old son all fired up about getting in to a good college), and “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” (which has helped me understand some of the […]

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Fractal Interior Design

I’m thinking of installing marble countertops. Which slab do you like most? A) B) I think I prefer “B” The thing is, I can’t put slab “B” in my kitchen. It’s too big. In fact, this is where it comes from: It’s quite sublime (I think) how nature produces similar patterns at much different scales. […]

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Just In Time Deep Planning

If you want to work more effectively, and with less negative stress, then you need to use good planning tools and good productivity procedures. The more complicated your projects are, the more important it is to make sure you have good tools and procedures. Many (probably most) project planning tools allow you to define projects […]

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