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A Few Mastery Equations to Play With

Not suggesting these formulas are free from counter-examples. Just playing with some rough relationships. Understanding = structural knowledge * grasp of system dynamics Expertise = breadth of understanding * depth of understanding Mastery = expertise * internalization Creative Quantity = (Mastery + Productive Focus) * Time Creative Quality = Mastery * Curiosity * Productive Focus […]

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Clear Mind, Effective Action Exit Survey

Hi. Jim Stone here. If you’re reading this page, you probably just finished reading “Clear Mind, Effective Action”, and are now checking out the “Fractal Heads” blog. If you don’t mind, I’d like to stop you for a couple minutes first and ask you for two favors. First, if you liked the ebook you just […]

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Clear Mind, Effective Action

I just finished writing a 56 page eBook, I’m calling “Clear Mind, Effective Action”. This eBook outlines the “Fractal Planning Method” for planning your projects, and managing your work day. In the book, you’ll learn about the concept of “fractal awareness”, and how that helps with the following: Getting your whole life organized Breaking down […]

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