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Fractal Interior Design

I’m thinking of installing marble countertops. Which slab do you like most? A) B) I think I prefer “B” The thing is, I can’t put slab “B” in my kitchen. It’s too big. In fact, this is where it comes from: It’s quite sublime (I think) how nature produces similar patterns at much different scales. […]

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Just In Time Deep Planning

If you want to work more effectively, and with less negative stress, then you need to use good planning tools and good productivity procedures. The more complicated your projects are, the more important it is to make sure you have good tools and procedures. Many (probably most) project planning tools allow you to define projects […]

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Fractal Planning – How Deep?

One of the benefits of using a fractal planning tool such as the Fractal Planner is that you can keep breaking tasks down as far as you need to. But how many levels deep do you actually break things down? I’ve found that I rarely go more than 7 levels deep in my actual planning, […]

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Projects, Tasks, and the Meaning of Life

I want to say a few things about goal structure (this is part 3 of the Goal Setting Guide). But first . . . a quick story about a man lost in the jungle: A few years back I was simultaneously trying to finish up my Ph.D., start my own business, and help raise a […]

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Plans, Trees, and Fruit.

Imagine . . . you are plucked out of your ordinary life and transported to a new land. Perhaps you live in Kansas and a tornado sweeps you away. Or something like that. At first you’re completely bewildered. “What the heck just happened? Where am I? What should I do next?” Eventually you realize that […]

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Motivation Wizard for the Fractal Planner

There’s a new feature in the Fractal Planner. The 2+ minute demo video is a few paragraphs down. But first, if you’ve read the eBook, “Clear Mind, Effective Action”, you’ve seen me suggest that creative individuals can handle most of their productivity needs by using one organizational strategy (Fractal Planning) and developing one set of […]

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Drag and Drop on the Master Plan

The Fractal Planner has received a face lift recently — and some new functionality. I already talked about the new tagging feature in a previous post. Today I want to say something about the new styling, menu system and drag and drop. Styling In an effort to give the Fractal Planner a more professional look, […]

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Tagging Your Tasks (Part 1: Introduction)

The Fractal Planner now has tags. You can tag any task with any tag you want to define. And the interface makes it super-intuitive and easy to use. But let me caution you. Don’t go crazy with tagging. It will defeat the purpose of using a planning tool that allows you to break down projects […]

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Fractal Planning Takes Us Back To Simpler Times

Description: “Fractal Planning” is the second of six planned modulesof the Work With Flow Workshop.Format: digital streaming/digital download.Ordering Information: order right from this page. “While No One Was Looking, LifeSuddenly Got a Lot More Complicated” Complexity is overwhelming. It’s like being in one of those nightmares where you have a goal and everything you try […]

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Fractal Planning Definitions

NOTE: this document is a work in progress. As I develop the Work With Flow Workshop, I gain clarity about some of the terms I’m using to describe the fractal planning system. Working definitions are starting to crystalize. I call them “working” definitions to highlight the fact that they are not complete or bulletproof definitions. […]

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