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Projects, Tasks, and the Meaning of Life

I want to say a few things about goal structure (this is part 3 of the Goal Setting Guide). But first . . . a quick story about a man lost in the jungle: A few years back I was simultaneously trying to finish up my Ph.D., start my own business, and help raise a […]

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Stop Setting Goals that Don’t Make You Happy

Note to reader: This essay is 13,000 words long — and you should read every word. I spent 2 months writing this (and editing it ruthlessly, so it would be easy to read). I threw away over 100,000 words to wind up with these 13,000. I also spent the previous several years learning the concepts […]

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The Dark Side of Goal Setting

(The Ultimate Guide to Goal Setting — Part 1) “…and I’m no different. Solemnly going about my day to day duties in my life, all the while seething underneath with unrealized dreams, expectations and regrets.” — Henry David Thoreau A long time ago in a faraway land, a boy wanted to be the greatest among […]

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Goal Setting and Your Happiness Balance Sheet

A few days ago I published the post: How Lofty Should Your Goals Be?, and I argued that you shouldn’t let the size of your goals exceed your ability to reach those goals. I want to reinforce that point here with some additional considerations. Tony vs. Buddha In his book Status Anxiety, Alain de Botton […]

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How Lofty Should Your Goals Be?

Imagine flying in your own private jet to your own private island for a party with 500 friends and fans. You can easily afford this extravagance, because you’ve made 5 billion dollars recently with your own hard work. Really imagine this. Take the first person perspective, and be there. Take in the sights and sounds. […]

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