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Have You Accidentally Sabotaged Your Motivation to Work?

“How can I motivate myself to work?” I’ve asked myself that question many times in my life. It’s funny, though. Here are some questions I’ve never asked: How can I motivate myself to eat pizza? How can I motivate myself to talk with an attractive woman? How can I motivate myself to get out of […]

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Willpower and Game Theory

This blog is about creative productivity. And this post is about willpower. Willpower is important for productivity, because sometimes we will want to work while being tempted not to. In this article I explore George Ainslie’s fascinating theory of temptation and willpower — or something like it.1 If you read this essay it will probably […]

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Motivation Wizard for the Fractal Planner

There’s a new feature in the Fractal Planner. The 2+ minute demo video is a few paragraphs down. But first, if you’ve read the eBook, “Clear Mind, Effective Action”, you’ve seen me suggest that creative individuals can handle most of their productivity needs by using one organizational strategy (Fractal Planning) and developing one set of […]

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Games, Drive and Motivation

Hi all. Mostly theory in this post. I wanted to get some thoughts down about the model of motivation that’s starting to crystallize in my mind. It’s partly shaped by my PhD research, and partly by recent reading I’ve been doing in the psychology of work motivation. The theory might well generate many practical principles […]

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Expectancy and Procrastination

What motivates us to work toward complex goals? And why does that motivation fall short at times? Piers Steele gives one of my favorite answers. Steele’s Procrastination Equation Steele says motivation is a matter of a simple equation: Motivation = (Value X Expectancy)/(Delay X Impulsiveness) Stick with me if you’re a bit math phobic. This […]

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