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Willpower and Game Theory

This blog is about creative productivity. And this post is about willpower. Willpower is important for productivity, because sometimes we will want to work while being tempted not to. In this article I explore George Ainslie’s fascinating theory of temptation and willpower — or something like it.1 If you read this essay it will probably […]

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Expectancy and Procrastination

What motivates us to work toward complex goals? And why does that motivation fall short at times? Piers Steele gives one of my favorite answers. Steele’s Procrastination Equation Steele says motivation is a matter of a simple equation: Motivation = (Value X Expectancy)/(Delay X Impulsiveness) Stick with me if you’re a bit math phobic. This […]

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Remedies for Procrastination

In previous posts, I’ve talked about “Flow Killers”, and how to get back in the flow. Today I want to back up a level and look at the pieces of the procrastination puzzle. A high-level procedure for overcoming procrastination might look something like this: Recognize Procrastination –> Find a Remedy –> Apply the Remedy One […]

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Funny Procrastination Video

Hi all. This video is funny. And insightful. Enjoy. That’s what we’re all about here — overcoming this kind of unproductive procrastination behavior. Have a great weekend, and a productive next week! Jim

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5 Ways To Maintain FLOW When You Work

Have you ever had a time when you just sit back and realize that you are completely enjoying your work? Your emotions are positive, energized, and entirely aligned with the task at hand. On the other hand, have you ever been completely stuck? Perhaps you were frustrated, anxious, confused, tired, overwhelmed or maybe even completely […]

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Bust through procrastination with a work-rest rhythm.

SPOILER ALERT: I’ve got something interesting to show you half way down the page. Eben Pagan’s Work-Rest Rhythm One of the most useful techniques I got from Eben Pagan’s “Wake Up Productive” course was to work with a work-rest RHYTHM. If you know you have a well-defined work period, and that you’ll get a break […]

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Fractal Technology and Entrepreneurial Manic-Depression

Fractal Technology and Entrepreneurial Manic-Depression I just stumbled across this article over at Tim Ferriss’s blog, and I love it: It’s an older article, so there’s a chance you may have seen it already. However, I would encourage anyone reading this blog to read that article. At the very least, I think the lead […]

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Procrastination and Subconscious Conflict Awareness

I met with some fellow business owners recently, and the topic of procrastination came up. It was a quick conversation, so we didn’t get a chance to discuss it fully. My only contribution was to say “I don’t believe in procrastination”. I misspoke. In fact, I do believe in procrastination. Procrastination is simply when we […]

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