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12 Things That Take You Out of Flow

There’s a neat chart toward the bottom of this post. First, let me say a few things to put the chart in context. Our goal is to work with FLOW. We need effective strategies for dealing with12 things that can kill our flow. When we work with flow, we’re happy, we feel good about ourselves, […]

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Train New Habits

“New Habits” is the first of six planned modulesof the Work With Flow Workshop.Format: digital streaming/digital download. Train New Habits So You CanGet More Done in Less TimeWithout Using Will Power. I once heard a speaker say that your current habits will keep you in your current rut. We’ll call this the “Static Habit Principle”: […]

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The Best Productivity Workshop in the World?

You know what I want to do? I want to produce the best productivity workshop in the world. And I think I know mostly how to do that. I’ll tell you my plan, and then you can tell me your ideas. It will be a 6-session workshop. Each module will stand alone and be immensely […]

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