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Could You Use a Productivity “Tune Up?”

Start the new year running on all cylinders. I magine a world where everyone is driven to create things and share their creations with others. Some work on projects alone, and some work on larger projects with others. In this world everyone is free to work on projects that allow them to learn new skills, […]

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To Flow, Or Not To Flow?

Cal Newport is not a big fan of “flow” Cal Newport, author of books such as “How to be a High School Superstar” (which has my 14 year old son all fired up about getting in to a good college), and “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” (which has helped me understand some of the […]

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Just In Time Deep Planning

If you want to work more effectively, and with less negative stress, then you need to use good planning tools and good productivity procedures. The more complicated your projects are, the more important it is to make sure you have good tools and procedures. Many (probably most) project planning tools allow you to define projects […]

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