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Motivation Wizard for the Fractal Planner

There’s a new feature in the Fractal Planner. The 2+ minute demo video is a few paragraphs down. But first, if you’ve read the eBook, “Clear Mind, Effective Action”, you’ve seen me suggest that creative individuals can handle most of their productivity needs by using one organizational strategy (Fractal Planning) and developing one set of […]

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The Dark Side of Goal Setting

(The Ultimate Guide to Goal Setting — Part 1) “…and I’m no different. Solemnly going about my day to day duties in my life, all the while seething underneath with unrealized dreams, expectations and regrets.” — Henry David Thoreau A long time ago in a faraway land, a boy wanted to be the greatest among […]

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Approach Goals and Avoidance Goals — Group Brainstorm

Happy Friday or Saturday — or whenever you’re reading this I want some help puzzling something out. But first . . . An Ultimate Guide to Goal Setting? I’m working on an “Ultimate Guide to Goal Setting.” Two weeks ago my plan was to publish the post by today. However, as I started writing and […]

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5 Shining Examples of Goldilocks Goals

Once upon a time a little girl named ‘Goldilocks’ made a goal to read 1 book in 1 week. She finished in 2 days and sat around twiddling her thumbs. That goal was TOO EASY. Next she set out to read 20 books in a week. After reading two books, she realized it was not […]

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Slightly Under Construction

I’ve been busy moving the blog from to It’s also getting a big facelift! Currently it’s up at both locations. Soon the move will be complete, and I’ll redirect the Fractal Planner traffic to this domain. For now just know that things will shift around here and there for maybe another week or […]

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SOPA Explained

A touch off topic today, but hopefully of some interest to almost all of my regular readers. Even if you’re not in the US, this can affect you. Let me be clear. As someone who makes much of his living selling original copyrighted material, I think the world would be better with less online piracy. […]

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Overview of the Fractal Planning System

I’ve been working diligently (and mostly with flow) on the 2nd module of the Work With Flow Workshop. Module two will be called “Fractal Planning” and is all about . . . wait for it . . . Fractal Planning Stay tuned to the blog, because the second module should be available shortly after New […]

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