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Agile SCRUM for One (part 3): Big Projects and Unexpected Complications

In the previous post in this series I discussed sunk costs, and how they mount as we work without feedback on large projects. And we talked about how sunk costs will often amplify any doubts and anxieties we have about our work. Perhaps the probability of having doubts is a function of time since last […]

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The Natural Planning Rhythm

In another post: I discussed the concept of “Entrepreneurial Manic-Depression”, which I encountered in this post on Tim Ferriss’s blog: I think that “fractal awareness” brings a lot of clarity to the phenomenon of Entrepreneurial Manic-Depression. I hint at why in my earlier post, and will expound more in my forthcoming work “The […]

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How Plans Grow

Have you ever set out to complete a “quick” project, only to have it grow well beyond your initial estimate? You learned that it contained more complexity than you expected, and took more time than you anticipated. Well, take heart. It’s not just you! This happens to me all the time as well. I found […]

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