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Fractal Interior Design

I’m thinking of installing marble countertops.

Which slab do you like most?

A) B)

I think I prefer “B”

The thing is, I can’t put slab “B” in my kitchen.

It’s too big.

In fact, this is where it comes from:

It’s quite sublime (I think) how nature produces similar patterns at much different scales.


Not really. Both patterns are produced by a similar fractal unfolding process.

Nature uses fractal unfolding processes over and over and over. It’s Nature’s biggest cheap trick for form and function.

We find the same kinds of fractal unfolding patterns in our minds — in the way we organize our experience, and our plans for the future.

And that’s why we need planning tools that work the same way — with a fractal branching structure.

Interior design.

Inside your kitchen . . . inside your mind . . .

It’s all the same cheap trick.

Oh, but what a trick it is!

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