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Fractal Planning Takes Us Back To Simpler Times

Description: “Fractal Planning” is the second of six planned modules
of the Work With Flow Workshop.
Format: digital streaming/digital download.
Ordering Information: order right from this page.

“While No One Was Looking, Life
Suddenly Got a Lot More Complicated”

Complexity is overwhelming. It’s like being in one of those nightmares where you have a goal and everything you try to do to reach your goal moves you further away from your goal.

Except this is a nightmare you don’t just “wake up from”. You have to actually figure out how to manage the increasing complexity of the modern world, or get crushed by it, and left for dead in its wake.

Over the years productivity systems have sprung up to help us manage complexity of the world.

In the 1970s and 1980s Stephen Covey developed the best productivity system the world had ever used up to that time.

And since then, his book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” has helped millions and millions of people reduce stress and become more productive.

That system helped people manage the complexity of the 1970s and 1980s.

But the world has gotten more complicated since the 1980s.

Much more complicated.

And his system lacks a key feature that would let it “scale up” with the increasing complexity of the world.

In the 1990s David Allen developed a new productivity system. He published his book “Getting Things Done” in 2002.

GTD dealt with complexity better than “7 Habits” did. And through his book and speaking and consulting activities David Allen has helped millions and millions of overwhelmed people get their acts together. He has helped them reduce stress, and get more done in a very complex world.

I am a big fan of David Allen, and still use many of his techniques.

And his system is well-enough designed to handle the complexity of the 1990s, and early 2000s.

Allen’s procedures bought the world some time.

But since GTD was published, . . . the world has gone on to get even more complicated.

And Allen’s system, like Covey’s, lacks an essential feature that will allow it to “scale up” with the increasing complexity of the world.

The main problem with existing productivity systems is that . . .

Don’t “Scale Up” With the Increasing
Complexity of the Modern World.

The problem isn’t Allen’s procedures. It’s the structures he (and almost everyone else in the world) uses to manage stuff.

The Getting-Things-Done system uses simple lists — and lots of them.

Simple lists, being essentially linear, can’t keep up with exponential growth in complexity.

And that means that his excellent flow management procedures can start to become a bit awkward under an ever-increasing load.

But there’s good news . . .

About two years ago I discovered something that should have been obvious long before now.

After re-reading “The Nature of Technology” by Brian Arthur, I realized that the same organizing structure that generates most of the complexity in the world can also be used to tame it.

AND, it just so happens that this same structure is the one our brains naturally use to understand and break down problems.

It’s no coincidence, really.

The complexity of the modern world was CAUSED by the activity of human brains. And now all those brains are networked together in unprecedented ways, creating more and more complexity all the time.

What Happened Next Felt Downright Magical

I developed a new organizing tool for myself using the organizing principle discussed in the Nature of Technology.

And I worked with it for a while in conjunction with the best productivity procedures I knew — the ones I learned from people like Stephen Covey and David Allen.

And you know what? It completely simplified everything.

The awkward parts of other systems suddenly felt natural.

I had a completely clear mind for the first time in years (and that persists to this day).

Everything felt natural.

And the world suddenly got simpler again.

I Want to Teach You the
Productivity System of the Future

It’s called the Fractal Planning System.

The power of fractal planning lies in the organizing structure you use to manage all your “stuff” (ideas, goals, hopes, fears, plans, information).

If you use the wrong organizing structure, especially in today’s complex world, you will have problems.

If you use an organizing structure that matches your brain’s natural organizing principle, you will breeze through projects like nobody’s business.

Here are some specific benefits of fractal planning:

  • Less overwhelm (You might even be able to clear up your mind permanently.)
  • Less flailing in the dark (You’ll understand why you’re doing what you’re doing much more of the time.)
  • Less time wasted looking for stuff (Things will show up right when you need them to.)
  • Less frustration (You’ll have an effective way to deal with unexpected complications)
  • Less mental tiredness (You’ll easily get things out of your head and into your plan as you work.)
  • No more premature mission statements or daily and weekly rituals that grow stale over time. (Meaning and purpose will start to bubble up from below more of the time, and your sense of purpose will evolve with you as you learn new skills, gain new experiences, and face new opportunities.)
  • No more fuzzy plans. (You’ll learn a new way to rearrange your plans into clear, compelling construction stories.)
Here’s What You Get

This module contains the following:

  • An 80 minute video presentation of “Fractal Planning”. Format: digital streaming/digital download.
  • An mp3 version, so you can listen in your car, or while taking a walk
  • Supporting PDF files that summarize the method, and provide troubleshooting questions
  • Links to supporting resources on the web for further research
  • A PDF document containing the presentation slides.
I Want “Early Birds” to Get a Great Deal

In line with the SCRUM for One concepts I explain elsewhere on this blog, I am developing the Work With Flow Workshop in pieces.

Eventually the whole workshop will sell for $249 (or something like that).

However, I am offering the modules as they come out on an a la carte basis for just $27/module.

Just click the “buy now” button, watch the videos, and start organizing and running your life the way nature designed:

Enroll Today, and Get Your
Stuff Handled by Tomorrow

If you didn’t complete Module One (“New Habits”), when it first came out, you still can

If you didn’t get the first module of the Work With Flow Workshop (New Habits), you can still get it here for “a little” more than the early bird price:
New Habits (Module One of the Work With Flow Workshop)
Here are some of the comments people made after taking the first module (New Habits):

“I want you to know that it works!”

“The New Habits module enlightened me on a new and easy way to create, change, or modify habits.

Procrastination has done me no favors. It’s one habit that has caused me to lose money, time, and a lot of potential for growth in many areas of my life.

Well, that is now changing. What made the big difference? Your easy-to-understand [habit training technique]. Very clever. I just want you to know that it works! And I’m using this 3rd Step, along with Steps 1 & 2, of the Plan A you laid out for us in other areas of my life. I’m blown away with how life-changing this is for me. Thank you so much.

And just a few notes about the 1st Module itself. I love the idea of the homework assignment that you gave us. Easy, but still challenging enough to “really want to give it a go!” Your presentation is easy to understand because you have a way of keeping it simple and clear. Also, I love the nice-funky music you have as a lead-in and between your presentations.

Oh yeah, one more thing! Price is very sweet too :) Looking forward to the next module. The best way I can sum up what the “New Habits Workshop Module” did for me is…..”Up-n-Out!” (Willy Wonka)”

– Ken, Nagoya JP

“. . . very insightful.”

“I bought this right away b/c I trust your expertise – it didn’t disappoint. I watched the first module right away and thought it was very insightful. I won’t give away any secrets, though :)”

– Michael Shearer

“Immediately cured sleeping in habit . . .”

“Jim, Great work on this. :) I’ve successfully applied and used the training. Watched the video 2 times, then printed and laminated all the sheets. Immediately cured sleeping in habit, and now waking up at 5:30am sharp, and getting more done than ever. Have a big list of habits to form, and working through them a couple at a time.”

“I’ve modified what I automatically eat during the day when I’m hungry, . . .”

“The strategies work.

I’ve modified what I automatically eat during the day when I’m hungry and added 2 or 3 one minute exercise sessions to each day. According to my measurements I’ve lost 5 pounds in 10 days while gaining muscle through using this method.

I’ve implemented a few other simple habits. I started 11 new habits at the same time, so revisiting the list of statements helps, along with reinforcing through visualization.

Using this approach with my children changes what could be nagging reminders into an experiment together in strategy. That experiment is not yet finished. I’ll let you know how it goes!”

– Sarah Hurty, Carlton, Oregon



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