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Welcome to Fractal Heads

Hi.  I’m Jim.  And I’m a Fractal Head.

I’ve been semi-fascinated with fractals for years — probably since I read James Gleick’s book “Chaos”, and Mandelbrot’s “The Fractal Geometry of Nature” in the mid-1990’s.

But my fascination turned to obsession in 2009 after reading Brian Arthur’s “The Nature of Technology.”

Why then?

Because Arthur showed me how powerful fractals were for explaining all of our technologies.

Yes, that means airplanes and computers.  But it means so much more than that.  It also means the things we write (essays, papers, and blog posts), the things we do (throwing surprise parties, going on vacation), and pretty much anything that involves even a little bit of planning.

That’s right. Pretty much all planning has a fractal structure.

However, as I looked around, I found there were almost no tools that allowed us to plan naturally and quickly in a fractal structure.  And most planning methods did not seem to grasp and exploit the fractal nature of our planning to help us match our planning to the way our brains naturally work.

In mid-2010 I began creating my own software tool, and fleshing out the implications of fractal planning for my own practice, and, by admittedly subjective assessment, I would say that my productivity at least doubled, and my work-related stress levels were at least cut in half.

This stuff works.

It works because the tool and the method match both the way nature generates complexity and the way our brains naturally tame complexity.

Now, once the software was a little more refined, I gained the courage to start showing business colleagues what I was using for my personal productivity and task management.

And they practically bowled me over telling me 1) I needed to give them access to the tool, and that 2) I needed to provide it as a service to others.

So, on February 1, 2011, after a couple months of fixing it up and making it secure and robust, I launched the Fractal Planner to my own in-house list.  And it’s been a hit with those who signed up.  I’ll tell you more about the experience of other users over time, but let’s just say there have been some gushing testimonials.

I used a blog to provide a little teaser material to my list before I launched. But it wasn’t this blog. It was a blog that was primarily dedicated to another business topic.

I am starting this blog, because I have A LOT to say about being more productive with less stress, and I want to write a lot about that topic.

Now, I think some of the things I wrote on the other blog were pretty good, so I’m going to start this blog by re-posting the things I wrote and shared there.

Then, once I’m done uploading that material, I will begin posting new, original pieces.

This will be life-changing stuff for many people.

Take care.


Jim Stone, Ph.D.


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