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How Big Is Your To-Do List?

How Big Is Your To-Do List?

2011 is almost upon us, and I thought we’d play a friendly game of “how big is your to do list?” I think mine is pretty big, but I’ll bet some of you out there have bigger ones.

In this video (under 2 minutes) I show you my current “active” planning list (not including a bigger “maybe later” list), and hint at an insight I had this year that allows me to keep everything perfectly straight.

This insight is related to my post on August 28, 2010: “The Cure For Procrastination?”

Keep an eye on this blog on Jan 3, 2011 for more information about handling your to do list.

Your feedback is desired below

Do you have a big, hairy, overwhelming to-do list? What have you done to make it more manageable? Which planning systems do you find most useful? Which tools do you use?

Happy Holidays, and a very productive new year!



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