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A Few Mastery Equations to Play With

Not suggesting these formulas are free from counter-examples. Just playing with some rough relationships.

  1. Understanding = structural knowledge * grasp of system dynamics
  2. Expertise = breadth of understanding * depth of understanding
  3. Mastery = expertise * internalization
  4. Creative Quantity = (Mastery + Productive Focus) * Time
  5. Creative Quality = Mastery * Curiosity * Productive Focus * Integrity
  6. Creative Benefits = Personal Benefits of Creative Output + Social Benefits of Creative Output
  7. Quality of creative experience = (Creative Quality * Autonomy * Creative Benefits)/Stress

Also don’t take the arithmetic symbols too literally. They’re just there to indicate roughly how terms covary.

E.g, setting a term equal to a product of two other terms indicates that you can increase the quantity on the left by increasing either of the terms on the right. Setting a term equal to a ratio of two other terms indicates that in order to increase the term on the left you can either increase the top term or decrease the bottom term.

Multiplication indicates more synergy than addition.

And so on.

Thoughts about these formulas?

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