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Overview of the Fractal Planning System

I’ve been working diligently (and mostly with flow) on the 2nd module of the Work With Flow Workshop. Module two will be called “Fractal Planning” and is all about . . . wait for it . . . Fractal Planning :)

Stay tuned to the blog, because the second module should be available shortly after New Years, and there will be an early bird period where you can get it for just $17.

Overview of the Fractal Planning SYSTEM

I wanted to share with you the broad outline of the Fractal Planning system.

It’s at a high level of description, but if you’ve been following the blog, and using a fractal planning tool, it might give you a nice big picture of your current planning practices — and maybe whet your appetite for the Fractal Planning module when it’s released :)

Basically, a planning SYSTEM is made up of planning STRUCTURES and planning PROCEDURES.

The structures are primary.

Good structures make good procedures naturally follow.

Bad structures make even good procedures seem complicated.

Here are the main structures and procedures of the Fractal Planning Personal Productivity System:

Fractal Planning Structures

  • A single fractal master plan for your whole life
  • A maybe later list
  • A stock plan library
  • Auxiliary tools (calendar, etc)

Fractal Planning Procedures

And here are the PROCEDURES used in a fractal planning system. It’s simpler than it looks. Basically everything revolves around getting things done, and knowing how to deal with interruptions that threaten to get in the way of that.

A. Planning Skills

  • Breaking Down Procedure
  • Coherent Story Procedure (very powerful)

B. Proactive Work Engagement Habits

  • Get Stuff Done Procedure (everything else supports this!)
  • Daily Work Rhythm
  • SCRUM for One

C. Reactive Flow Management habits

  • Clear Vision Procedure
  • Clear Plan Procedure
  • Clear Mind Procedure
  • Unexpected Complication Procedure
  • Anxiety/Boredom Procedure
  • Impatience Procedure
  • Exhaustion Procedure

Don’t Have Module One (“New Habits”) Yet?

For those who still have not yet picked up Module One, you can still get that at a slightly higher price (but still below the prorated full price of the completed workshop). Click here to get Module One (and to learn more about it)

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