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Could You Use a Productivity “Tune Up?”

Start the new year running on all cylinders. I magine a world where everyone is driven to create things and share their creations with others. Some work on projects alone, and some work on larger projects with others. In this world everyone is free to work on projects that allow them to learn new skills, […]

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Your Personal Productivity Questions And Comments (Open Thread)

Hi all. I want to hear from you, so I can help you (and perhaps receive help from you as well). I’ll get to that shortly, but let me put my question in context. I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon the Fractal Planning method. It has completely transformed my relationship to my work. It […]

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The Personal Productivity Tool You’ve Been Waiting For

Is This The Personal Productivity Tool You’ve Been Waiting For? Happy New Year! Let me tell you why I have good reason to expect that 2011 will INDEED be my most productive year ever. As I shared in my last blog post, about 1 year ago I had several hundred things to do, and the […]

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