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The Best Productivity Workshop in the World?

You know what I want to do?

I want to produce the best productivity workshop in the world.

And I think I know mostly how to do that.

I’ll tell you my plan, and then you can tell me your ideas.

It will be a 6-session workshop.

Each module will stand alone and be immensely practical.

Each module will give students a new super power.

Each module will help students simplify their lives, increase their productivity, and make their stress melt away.

Each module will build on the last, . . . until . . . by the end . . . students feel completely in control of their lives and are masters of low stress productivity.

Here’s my current tentative outline of the 6 modules:

Module 1: New Habits — How to train new habits, break old ones, and overcome procrastination faster than ever with a new scientifically tested method that’s easier than any method you’ve probably ever tried. There are two kinds of will power, most people use the hard kind. I’ll teach you how to use the easy kind. We will use this new skill to help us put new productivity habits into place during the rest of the workshop.
Module 2: Fractal Plans — which 2 lists you need to run your entire life, and how to break down almost any project in 5 minutes or less. Plus some other tools that all work together to seamlessly extend your brain’s natural planning powers.
Module 3: Clear Mind — How to clear your mind, and keep it clear from now on. (How to handle random thoughts, interruptions, interpersonal friction and unexpected complications)
Module 4: High Energy – How to set up work/rest rhythms that match your natural energy rhythms. How to manage your energy for a work day, a work week, and for a whole big project.
Module 5: Compelling Story — How to re-work your plans as you go so they continually present a clear, compelling story of how you will complete your project. How to be the Steven Spielberg of project planning.
Module 6: Relentless Drive — How to stay motivated during big projects with SCRUM for One and other tricks.

Each module will include classroom-style instruction in the form of a powerpoint presentation, practical examples with screen capture video and slides, and a question and answer teleseminar session (or the recording for students who can’t be there).

This is a big project.

It will take a while for me to produce all this.

But it’s important, so I’m intent on doing it. People need to know how to do these things. It will change their lives, as it has changed mine.

Many in-person productivity workshops like this go for $995 or so.

But I’m going to take a lesson from Eben Pagan.

He produced his “Wake Up Productive” program, made it conveniently digital so you could participate at home, and gave better content than many higher priced seminars for half the price — $495.

So I’ll try to one-up Eben.

I’ll try to present an online, digitally-delivered workshop that’s even more likely to result in new powers of low-stress productivity, and I’ll cut Eben’s price roughly in half.

I’ll probably offer the complete workshop as a 6 session workshop (one per week for 6 weeks) for something like $249.

But I don’t want you to wait for me to finish the whole thing and pay that price.

I want you to get the modules as I produce them, and pay a lower price.

Like I said, this is a big project.

And, in order to keep my head in the game, I’m going to have to go all “SCRUM for One” on it :-)

My plan is to produce each module, one at a time, and then offer each module to my current blog readers on an a’ la carte basis for something like $17 each.

This will allow me to get feedback along the way — and hopefully some good testimonials, too.

Since there’s a teleseminar call involved, I’ll probably have to limit the number to something like 50 students per module so everyone who wants to ask questions will have a fair shot of being able to do so.

So, that’s the current plan. I’ll say more as the first module get’s closer to completion.

So, what do you think?

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