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The Natural Planning Rhythm

In another post:

I discussed the concept of “Entrepreneurial Manic-Depression”, which I encountered in this post on Tim Ferriss’s blog:

I think that “fractal awareness” brings a lot of clarity to the phenomenon of Entrepreneurial Manic-Depression. I hint at why in my earlier post, and will expound more in my forthcoming work “The Fractal Planning Solution”.

Here is a video that helps illustrate the natural rhythm of a project.

The project I’m illustrating in the video is a small project, so manic-depression never had a change to appear :-) But it illustrates how things go in bigger projects, as the vision of the amount of remaining work will expand and contract as you work on it.

Imagine being a bit discouraged whenever the plan grows, and optimistic when the plan shrinks.

(This is the same plan I showed in the video in this post: But this time, I’m removing completed items as I go)

[NOTE: There is NO SOUND in this video.]

Does that feel familiar?

To success at every scale!


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