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The Personal Productivity Tool You’ve Been Waiting For

Is This The Personal Productivity Tool You’ve Been Waiting For?

Happy New Year!

Let me tell you why I have good reason to expect that 2011 will INDEED be my most productive year ever.

As I shared in my last blog post, about 1 year ago I had several hundred things to do, and the tools I was using to manage my life at the time weren’t up to the task.

And the thing is . . .

I’m not a newcomer to personal productivity systems and tools.

I’ve read a lot of books on this topic. And you probably have, too.

I follow a modified version of what David Allen teaches in “Getting Things done”, what Mark Joyner teaches in Simpleology 101, and what Eben Pagan taught in his Wake Up Productive course. And I’ve read many other books on the topic as well.

These systems are great. Unfortunately,

I hadn’t found any TOOLS that allowed me to utilize these systems easily.

For years I had relied on paper notebooks and folders, and that worked reasonably well up to a certain point of complexity. I tried managing things with an Excel spreadsheet, but that had limitations of its own. I’ve tried various project management software tools, and souped-up to-do list programs. And they all feel a little clunky to me.

Some of these tools are better than others. And they’re all better than nothing. But none allowed me to easily integrate what I was doing with the very most important parts of my personal productivity system.

My Fractal Epiphany . . .

About 6 months ago I re-read Brian Arthur’s book, The Nature of Technology, and I had some breakthrough insights about motivation, procrastination, framing and task management.

In August, shortly after my epiphany, I wrote the blog post “The Cure for Procrastination?”. That post was very well received, and is one of the top two most commented on posts on this little blog.

That post seems to have struck a chord with entrepreneurs trying to manage the ever-increasing complexity of their lives.

In that post I shared a little bit about how fractals are related to clarity in our work, and how that relates to procrastination.

Those insights also led me to give up on the existing productivity tools, on the premise that . . .

If you want something done right . . .

I started building a planning and productivity tool for my own use that would work the way my brain works, and match the way my brain works with the fractal nature of my plans (and my life).

So, since August, I’ve had this little tool I was gradually making better and better, and it was making me more and more productive, and allowing me to work with less and less stress.

Then, just a few weeks ago, . . .

I started showing the tool to some friends and business colleagues.

Everyone I showed it to loved it. In fact, they started pestering me to get a copy of the tool for themselves.

About mid-December . . .

I finally decided to offer it as a service for others.

And being that December is right before January, and people in our business would be making all those New Years resolutions, and planning for the new year, and such, it seemed like it would be a good idea to time an announcement with the beginning of the new year.

Unfortunately, when you decide to create a new service in mid-December, it’s difficult to get everything done by January 3, even if you are using an incredible personal productivity tool :-)

I knew I couldn’t have the service (and some minimal semblance of marketing) ready by January 3. But I could announce it and explain a little bit about it on January 3.

So here we are.

Before I show you a video explaining some of how the tool works, . . .

let me make 4 quick points:

  • We’re probably looking at a 2-3 week window for this tool to be ready for you to use.
  • As I will have hosting costs, and hope to make some profit, it will be a paid service, but very affordable.
  • I probably won’t post any more about it here until it’s ready. Time taken to write blog posts and create videos is better spent finishing the software, so I can allow you to get up and running with it as soon as possible.
  • It’s important to know what this tool is, and what it isn’t. It isn’t a scheduling tool (I use Google Calendar for that), and it isn’t a group project management tool — Pivotal Tracker or Basecamp are pretty good there.

As for what it IS, this video will explain much of that:

NOTE: this video is best with sound, but you should be able to get a feel for it, even if you have to have the sound down for some reason.

NOTE 2: Many of the features have been further streamlined since this video was shot. For a more recent video, see the video on the Fractal Planner home page.

As always, respectful comments are welcome . . .


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