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(So You Can Spend Less Time Working Your System, and More Time Getting Things Done.)

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Clear Mind, Effective Action is revolutionizing personal productivity around the world, making people like you more productive and less stressed out.

  • Feeling overwhelmed? You will learn how to clear your mind fast! (If you thought David Allen's clear mind process was fast, wait 'til you try this one.).
  • Procrastinating too often? You will learn how to diagnose your procrastination and bust through it with very simple techniques that take absoultely no will power.
  • Derailed by unexpected complications? You will learn why they happen and how to deal with them quickly.
  • Fed up with planning systems that take too much time and effort to maintain? With this breakthrough system your plans will simply GROW THEMSELVES (about as fast as you can think), because you'll be planning the way your brain naturally wants to.
  • Tired of juggling too many lists and post-it notes? That's a thing of the past once you learn how to manage your whole life from a single simple structure.
  • Afraid to switch systems? To start you'll take just one minute to set up your master plan. Then you'll see how it pretty much grows itself as you plan the way your brain naturally wants to.
About the Author

Jim Stone has been using and tinkering with productivity systems for years (including David Allen's "Getting Things Done", Steven Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People", Loehr and Schwartz's "Power of Full Engagement, Tony Robbins' "Time of Your Life", Eben Pagan's "Wake Up Productive", Mark Joyner's "Simplology 101"). Jim has taken the best parts of these systems and merged them with the concepts of "fractal awareness" and "reactive flow management" to create a new system that's simpler and more powerful than any of the systems that went before.

Jim has earned degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Washington in 2006, and has been developing web-based productivity software since 2005.

Jim absolutely LOVES taking complex systems and finding new ways of looking at them so that the people of the world can do things faster, easier, and more enjoyably than before. Currently, Jim is using the concept of "fractal awareness" to change the way we do time management, leading to lower stress and higher productivity in a world of ever-increasing complexity.

What others are saying about the Fractal Planning Method

  "My mind was scattered - which I believe is the number one problem experienced by new and veteran internet marketers. We don't do what'll create the most value for our business and we're easily distracted. I didn't know what to focus on and when I worked on something, my mind was on something else. After using the "Clear Mind" method in CMEA, as simple as it was, in the past week I've got what matters done. I've made a friend read it, and so should everyone." -- Joshua Uebergang (  
  "CMEA, is by far the most comprehensive and consise breakdown of system I have seen in a long time. I look forward to using the fractal planner as a follow up method to employ the principles of CMEA you have described." Phil Callinan, Australia  
  "I've been working with David Allen's GTD for the last 2 years, but still missed the overview on what I was doing. On top of that I felt I kept too many lists going and I never got the hang of dealing with projects in a clear way. The concept of Fractal Planning struck me like lightning! This really takes away the hurdles I experienced when trying to achieve the state of stress-free productivity. The Fractal Planner made the good news even better, because it does exactly what it should do." Koos de Korte, Voorburg, Holland  
  "Clear Mind, Effective Action" described clearly the way my brain / my life work and helped me understand why I coud never completely adopt the various task-management tools I've tried. Looking forward to creating my master plan and putting my mind at rest (at last!)" Isabelle Sauvage, Chartres, France  
  "Clear Mind, Effective Action helped me see why I have been having so much difficulty in getting done the things that most need doing. It offers me the tools to organise what has been chaotic, to see a pattern in what appeared to be random, to find hope again that I will fulfill my ambitions. Thank you so much, Jim." Frank Connolly Ireland  
  Hey Jim, I'm a customer. . . your [Fractal Planner] software is the BEST time mgt software I've ever used. . . -- Brad Costanzo  
  "I work in a profession where people are interrupting me all day long- and I need to take care of things for them. I can have incredibly long (and I would call them meaningful and productive days)-- yet not ever get to any of the things I actually had planned to do. This is stressful!!!!! However, honestly due to the nature of my job -- it's not really going to change. But I am no longer discouraged about that stress. I started using the Fractal Planner about two weeks ago at work -- I've noticed that when I can control my schedule -- and I'm not being interrupted -- I make the switch much more quickly to my agenda because it is so organized. I can see exactly what I need to be doing- how it fits into my overall goals/direction and that effeciency definitely has toned down my stress levels and made me more productive during the times that I am in charge of my time." -- Lori Gibson  
  Jim -- I've been using Fractal Planner for the last three days. This is planning software made for exactly the way my mind works. It's completely intuitive -- you can make changes and edits in seconds, not minutes. You can readjust priorities on the fly -- in seconds not minutes. I love it. I had given up on all planning software, but I'm a complete convert to the Fractal Planner. The last 3 days I've been more efficient than any day in the last 7 years. -- Chris Shaver  
  "Using it every day and getting more done. Including stuff that takes emotional energy and therefore usually put it off . . ." -- Sarah Hurty  
  "Just signed up for [The Fractal Planner]* this morning -- I didn't even know I needed it or what it really did. But you haven't yet created a product that I don't absolutely delight in. So signing up was automatic ;-) I've just added all my Master plans and sub plans etc and I already feel 100% better, efficient and somehow lighter getting all that stuff purged! Love your work sir!" " -- Gian Visser  
  "It got even better during the day - I can honestly say I haven't had as productive a day as this in the last 3 years. And there's no question it was thanks to Fractal Planner (in fact you should see all the crossed off items in my Master Plan!) Thanks again Jim Gotta feeling this puppy's going to be life changing!" Gian Visser, later that same day.  

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